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With over 20 years experience we firmly believe in sharing our extensive training, knowledge and experience to provide high-quality healthcare which lays the foundations of good health for all the family.

    "Whatever you,
   your partner and
   your children
   need as
   individuals, our
   aim is to help
   you with our
   treatments and
   pass on
   practical skills
   to take home."

Sara Barker

Hello, I am an Osteopath, Cranial Osteopath and Acupuncturist. I also teach Pregnancy, Post-natal Yoga and Pilates, Baby Yoga and Baby Massage. I’ve been working with families in London and Oxfordshire since 1999. Read more...

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Sam Manning

Hello I’m Sam Manning. I practice acupuncture and I’ve been helping people in Oxfordshire to improve their health for over fifteen years. Read more...

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