We believe given the right tools every parent can take ownership of their family’s health.

We’d like to help you do that.

Family life can be stressful and tiring at times. There’s usually enough fun and happiness to keep your spirits up, but it only takes one family member to be ill or unhappy and everyone starts to feel the strain. That’s why we know high quality healthcare is essential in the early years and lays the foundations of good health for all your family.

    "Whatever you,
   your partner and
   your children
   need as
   individuals, our
   aim is to help
   you with our
   treatments and
   pass on
   practical skills
   to take home."

We offer acupuncture, osteopathy, cranial osteopathy, massage and yoga. You can expect a combination of specialist hands-on treatment, sensible advice, well-informed support and simple techniques you can use on a daily basis. Yoga and massage classes complement our treatments in the clinic.

We are a team of highly qualified, experienced and committed practitioners who have been working with families in Oxfordshire for over ten years.

We can support you and your family, from conception to pregnancy, through childbirth and as your babies grow into children.

  • All our practitioners have undergone the highest levels of training on accredited courses. They are members of professional regulatory bodies and associations, and adhere to strict Codes of Conduct, Safe Practice and Professional Development
  • They carry professional indemnity insurance and adhere to local authority health and safety by-laws. You can therefore be confident in receiving safe and effective treatments and classes.
  • Registered with most private health insurance companies.

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