Acupuncture for baby and child

Chinese medicine techniques such as Shonishin, tui na and acupuncture are particularly useful and effective for treating children and babies.

Children can become ill very quickly, but also respond to very small therapeutic interventions just as easily.

We specialise in a form of Japanese treatment for babies and children called 'Shonishin' where needles are usually not used. Treatment is more like massage, with rhythmic movements and tapping of various parts of the body to improve health.

Where we do use very fine needles, the small number of points chosen and the stimulation time is shorter than with adults. Needling children is easy and they can be surprisingly receptive to it.

    "My little boy was
   living on medicine
   for months, wed had
   enough and so had he,
   after a few
   acupuncture sessions
   he was a changed boy
   and has never
   looked back"

Mary and Lucas

With a good needle technique, they hardly notice the needles and instead become interested in the process and absorbed in the story of what is happening in their own bodies.


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