Acupuncture in the post-natal period

Labour can be hard on the body and overwhelming to the mind.

    "One session was
   enough! Now when
   I feel fragile and
   overwhelmed I
   know I need some
   acupuncture to
   balance me again."

Lara, Oxford

The first few months are often so busy that it is easy to forget that a huge physical event has just occurred. The mother of a new baby has little time to think of her own recovery yet is often much in need of support.

Chinese medicine emphasises that the post-natal period (approximately the first 40 days after birth) is a time when it is vital that the mother conserves her energy and regains her lost reserves. Without proper care during this time, the risks of poor milk supply, prolonged depression and exhaustion may be increased. With good care, health can sometimes be strengthened. Acupuncture can help in this important period to balance body and mind, and improve well-being.

Both Sam and Sara have years of experience and training in this area and continue to add to their knowledge with ongoing training.






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