Childbirth preparation workshops

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In the final weeks of your pregnancy we can help you prepare mentally and physically for birth and the early days with your baby. The focus is on providing you and your birth partner with an amazing tool-kit to help you whatever happens. Our workshops include:

  • Rehearsals for easing your way through labour stages, and building up your teamwork tools.
  • Dynamic yoga movements to help you feel confident about the birth of your baby.
  • Effective positions for every stage of labour.
  • Powerful breathing techniques to assist the journey, helping you feel calm and in control.
  • Spinning Babies, massage, and acupressure techniques.

Sara has completed extensive specialist training in childbirth preparation with Birthlight and Spinning Babies, and has provided these workshops for hundreds of couples in Oxford since 2008. She continues to add to her knowledge and skills with almost daily research and ongoing training.












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