Childbirth preparation sessions

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In the final term of your pregnancy we can help you prepare mentally and physically for birth and beyond. This can take place over two or three appointments. Our sessions can be tailored to your individual needs and include:

  • Determining your pelvic shape so you can know the best birthing position for your body
  • Strengthening the muscles needed for childbirth
  • Pelvic floor exercises to create better awareness of these muscles for release during labour, to reduce tearing and improve muscle health for post-natal healing
  • Stress release techniques to improve the release of oxytocin to assist contractions and ease the birth process
  • Positions for labour
  • Yoga positions for optimal foetal positioning, resulting in more effective contractions, faster dilation of the cervix, easier passage for baby’s head, reduced trauma to baby’s head and shorter more comfortable labours
  • Post-natal massage and acupressure for breast feeding and post-natal recovery

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    "I am sure that
   thanks to
   acupuncture in
   preparation for
   labour I was able
   to have a smooth,
   completely natural,
   no drugs at all,
   birth at home."

Lara, Oxford



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