Birthlight Baby Yoga and Massage

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Quick facts

  • From 6 weeks to mobile, approximately 10 months
  • Play together with yoga and massage
  • Supports your baby’s health and development

These are lively and interactive classes where we use song, movement and massage.

    "We loved it from the
   beginning and it was
   great for me to be
   able to do just a
   little bit of yoga
   Thank you Sara!"

Abigail & Moshe

Using the Birthlight method we teach you how to assist your baby’s movements to enhance their health and development. It’s a lot of fun and you will be amazed what you and your baby can do!

Classes are designed for babies from 6 weeks to mobile (approximately 10 months). We are happy for siblings to come along, they can bring a favourite doll or teddy to enjoy yoga too!

There is always a little yoga for the grown-ups too, so we all feel better at the end of a session!

What will you learn?

In our small, relaxed and friendly classes we learn:

  • Baby Yoga moves and simple massage to carry on at home
  • Acupressure and massage for common ailments
  • Stretching, strengthening and relaxing sequences
  • Songs and rhymes to help us learn the movements and make the session fun
  • Handouts and reminders are included

The benefits of baby yoga

The benefits of baby yoga include:

  • An important contribution to the first year of growth, shaping brain development
  • Promotes baby’s sleep and relaxation
  • Encourages baby’s strength and flexibility
  • Strengthens baby’s immune, respiratory and digestive systems
  • Supports baby’s brain and nervous system development
  • Inspires confident handling of your baby
  • Enhances communication and bonding between you and your baby


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