Optimal foetal positioning treatment

We can offer acupuncture, moxibustion and osteopathy, in combination and separately with the aim of helping your baby into a favourable position for labour and birth.

When your baby is in an OA position (Occiput Anterior, either Left of Right) it enables labour to become established as your baby’s head is pressing effectively against the cervix. The OA position also provides the best position for your baby’s head to descend through the pelvis. Research has shown optimal foetal positioning results in reduced induction rates, less painful births and reduced interventions.

Acupuncture and moxibustion have been shown to be effective is assisting improved foetal positions from week 34 of gestation. Moxibustion is where the herb Artemisia vulgaris latiflora is used to warm certain acupuncture points.

The practitioner lights one end of the moxa stick and holds it a few centimetres away from the skin for several minutes to produce a pleasantly warm sensation. In China, where acupuncture originated, moxibustion has traditionally been used to encourage the baby to turn into a head-down position for labour.

Osteopathy can help by improving the structure and function of the pelvis, spine and hips to help your baby’s head move into the best position for labour and delivery.

    "My baby had been
   lying transverse…
   the treatment was
   painless and overall
   experience relaxing.
   There was much
   movement that
   night and come
   my midwife  
   appointment, my
   baby’s head
   was down."

Clare, Oxford

We can also advise you of positions and exercises to enhance your baby’s position, including pre-natal yoga micro movements to create space for your baby to move.

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