Osteopathy for baby and child

Years of experience and training mean your little ones are in safe hands.

    "After seeing Sara
   our little boy was
   so much happier,
   great stuff!"

Maxine & Charlie

Osteopathy and cranial osteopathy are very gentle and safe treatments for babies and children, even for those born prematurely.

We use very specific, skilled and light techniques. Children enjoy their treatments and the experience is a happy one.

Some children may wriggle or cry momentarily but usually are distracted and reassured by skilled hands.

We are trained to treat children on the move, and a book, toy or song usually does the trick. Babies often feed during treatment, and children can sit on a parents lap. We will work around you and the child to make treatment an enjoyable experience.

We often see babies and children for 1 to 4 treatments.  We then like to see children as they develop and change.








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