Osteopathy for fertility

Osteopathy and cranial osteopathy are safe and effective ways to help a woman’s body prepare for pregnancy.

    "After the first
   treatment with Sara
   it was the first time
   I'd slept well for
   weeks…  All I can say
   is a big thank you."

Mrs T, Chinnor

We work to help your body into the best possible condition to support a successful pregnancy. Of course we also include the father-to-be in this process and help him attain the best possible health.

We use a variety of techniques to increase joint mobility, improve spinal and soft tissue health, and improve circulation.

We offer advice on your health and life-style with the aim of achieving a positive outcome. Osteopaths work holistically to help your body find good structural balance and to function at its best.

Our aim is to help your body perform the most natural and normal processes of conception and pregnancy. In particular osteopathy has been shown to be successful in the treatment of stress which can be a key factor in reduced fertility.


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