Post-natal revival and Mother Warming

We can support you during this emotionally and physically demanding time. ‘Mother warming’, as the ancient Chinese refer to it, is an incredibly valuable part of post-natal treatment. It will not take long and you can bring your baby along. It is fantastic if you can get to clinic in the first few weeks after you have given birth.

What happens is the herb moxa (artemisia vulgaris latiflora) is used to warm acupuncture points on the lower abdomen and back. The practitioner lights one end of the moxa stick so that it smoulders, and holds it a few centimetres away from the skin for several minutes to produce a nourishing and warm sensation. It’s a lot like warm sunshine on your tummy and back!

    "I never really felt
   like I got my body
   back after my
   I do now!
   Thanks Sara"

Laura, Oxford

Both Sam and Sara have been very happy to offer this wonderful treatment for over 20 years!









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