Birthlight Pregnancy Yoga

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Quick facts

  • From week 14 of your pregnancy
  • A safe and gentle way to relive pregnancy aches and pains
  • Relaxation, breathing and visualisation
  • Strengthening yoga for the demands of birth and motherhood
  • Preparation for labour
  • Learn the ‘labour circuit’, a sequence of positions for labour

Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise during pregnancy, and is a gentle and safe way to keep toned and supple without strain. With yoga we can keep aches and pains at bay, relax the mind and body, and strengthen ourselves for the physical demands of birth and motherhood. These classes are suitable for those new to yoga or with many years of practice.

    "Sara has a wealth
   of knowledge on
   women’s health,
   and is in a unique
   role to complement
   her caring
   professionalism, by
   offering Birthlight
   yoga for pregnancy."

Wendy, Midwife

Mothers-to-be and couples get practical support for a healthy pregnancy, to prepare for labour, and lay the foundations for the transition to parenthood. Each birth is unique and a Birthlight trained teacher strives to give special attention to each woman, whether she is having her first baby or she is a busy mother already.

Classic postures and rhythmical movements have been carefully adapted to the needs of pregnant women. Bodywork is complemented with subtle breathing techniques and deep relaxation. This helps women to discover or regain their inner strength and their intuition of what is best for them, their babies and their families.

What will you learn?

In our friendly classes we learn:

  • Yoga to strengthen for labour and post-natal recovery
  • Yoga positions to ease pregnancy aches and pains
  • Relaxations and breathing techniques
  • Movements to reduce injury and strain during pregnancy and labour
  • Pelvic floor awareness: to effectively release during delivery and reduce tearing, for improved healing afterwards, for continence, better posture, reduced back and pelvic girdle pain
  • Micro movements to open the pelvis to help labour become established and provide a quicker, more comfortable labour
  • Yoga to assist optimal foetal positing creating space for your baby to move, for easier birth experiences

The benefits of pregnancy yoga

The many benefits of pregnancy yoga include:

  • Time to bond with your baby
  • Improves energy levels
  • Helps restful sleep
  • Promotes optimal foetal positioning
  • Improved breathing increases oxygen levels and reduces stress levels and blood pressure, for healthy birth weight


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