Sam Manning

"She has a gift for listening and understanding and deciding on a course of action."


Sam Manning

‘I had never experienced acupuncture before and was quite nervous about the needles, but I was absolutely delighted with the results. I had treatment late in pregnancy, and after only 3 sessions my symptoms had completely disappeared. I think the baby enjoyed the treatments too, judging by the amount of wriggling she did during treatments! I'd highly recommend it to anyone.‘
Liz, New Mum, Oxford

‘When I first met Sam I had been suffering from a distressing chronic pain syndrome for two years, since my daughter's birth. The pain clinic I was eventually referred to on the NHS couldn't offer me any satisfactory treatment, but Sam was able to treat my condition successfully in the first consultation - to be pain-free after two years was amazing, and the problem never recurred. Since then, Sam has treated me and has helped me through both my next pregnancies and postnatal recovery. Always warm and approachable, she is a very skilled acupuncturist and I've found her diet and lifestyle suggestions spot-on too.’
G, Mum of two, Oxford

‘I started seeing Sam for acupuncture for my general health and to put me in the best possible health for conceiving. Her treatments make me feel revitalised and her holistic approach to addressing both the body and the spirit make me feel I have been listened too, understood and given a boost that lasts several weeks. It took a few months but I have now fallen pregnant and Sam has been really great, giving me more frequent treatments as I need them to help with various symptoms and generally supporting me through an exciting but often bewildering time. I highly recommend her to anyone considering acupuncture for their health.’
Camilla, 6 months pregnant, Oxfordshire

‘I have always found acupuncture very balancing. I am sure that thanks to acupuncture in preparation for labour, I was able to have a smooth, completely natural, no drugs at all, very small tear needing no stitches, birth at home. Now when I feel fragile and overwhelmed I know I need some acupuncture to balance me again.’
Lara, Oxford

    "I highly
   recommend her to
   anyone considering
   acupuncture for
   their health!"

Camilla, Oxford

‘Acupuncture in pregnancy is really excellent and ideally should be available to all women! It is a safe and effective tool for encouraging a really healthy mother and baby throughout the pregnancy and can be great for helping with any common discomforts, as well as the emotional roller-coaster. I also found it really useful during labour to help keep things moving and to maintain my flagging energy levels. I really recommend it very highly.’
Danielle, Oxford

‘I recently had a successful round of IVF and am now 10 weeks pregnant with twins. I had acupuncture with Sam throughout. I'm very happy with how acupuncture helped, so I've returned to continue treatment during my pregnancy. The acupuncture sessions are relaxing and it's really useful to talk through how I'm feeling with Sam.’
Moira, Oxford

‘I gave birth to a healthy baby girl last Friday. All happened naturally, drug-free and swiftly, in no small part thanks to your treatment and calm demeanour which helped give me the confidence that nature would take its course as intended.’
Sally, Mum of two, Oxford

‘I went to acupuncture as a sceptic - I'm a clinical scientist so how else could I approach it? I realised that this prejudice itself was unscientific and the only way to find out if it was a beneficial intervention or not was to experience it myself. That was 15 years ago and I have ad regular treatments ever since. I have enjoyed good health over that time and haven't had a day off work because of illness since April 2008. I've seen a number of acupuncturists and I would recommend Sam as a practitioner for her skill in getting to the root of a
problem and elegantly dealing with it. She has a gift for listening and understanding and deciding on a course of action.’
Alistair, London

‘Good advice and effective treatment.’
Mr M, Southampton

‘Following a fall in 2007, I had been left with chronic knee pain. I was advised to take anti inflammatory pain relief medication in order to exercise. I was unable to move without pain and going downstairs was particularly painful. I had restricted my activities and could not exercise apart from some walking. I could not bend my knee fully and could not squat or get up from squatting position. With the help of acupuncture I found that the pain is better, the mobility and strength of my knee has returned. I can get up from squatting, I cycle regularly, walk, run a little, and occasionally dance! The swelling that so disfigured my knee has reduced considerably.

I would recommend acupuncture with Sam Manning to anyone with this condition. It has also helped me overall with other problems.’
Caroline, Abingdon

‘I have been having acupuncture with Sam for about eight years. I have felt much better both physically and mentally since having treatment with Sam and have built up a good relationship with her - I do not know where I would be without my treatment.’
Jane, Oxford

‘I first came to see Sam because my daughter had zero energy. She'd been in bed for 5 weeks and found it hard even to get up to eat. I took her to see Sam and within 3 weeks she was back at school. Sam not only helped with treatment in acupuncture but also gave my 17 year old some practical strategies to manage her health. At the same time, she helped me get through a very tough time with an ill daughter and a stressful full-on job. I'll always be grateful.’
Jess, Oxford


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