Sara Barker

"Thank you Sara so very, very much for helping me to actually enjoy this pregnancy and keeping me mobile right to the end!"


Sara Barker

Treatments with Sara Barker

‘I have known Sara for years and her professionalism is always of the highest standard on every occasion. She has the patient's well-being and health as a paramount consideration at every treatment. The uniqueness of Sara's combined skills and knowledge of osteopathy and acupuncture promote untold benefits for the patient in pain and discomfort.‘
Sylvia, Oxford

‘I was in constant pain and found it difficult to walk and sleep. I came to see Sara and was impressed by the way she examined me so thoroughly - it was as if she were listening with her fingers. After the first treatment with Sara it was the first time I'd slept well for weeks. Now I'm not taking painkillers anymore, I can walk freely and feel so much more alive now I can sleep. All I can say is a big thank you‘
Mrs T, Chinnor

‘The treatment I had from Sara was a life saver during my pregnancy.’
Sarah, Oxford

‘Sara gave me great care. After giving birth for the second time, my body was feeling unbalanced and my muscles were tense. Thanks to Sara's treatment, I am now completely back to normal and can run around like before my pregnancies. Thank you!’
Mila, Oxford

‘Sara has a wealth of knowledge on women’s health, and is in a unique role to complement her caring professionalism, by offering Birthlight yoga for pregnancy. Sara shows an excellent aptitude towards safe teaching, offering women awareness, of how women and babies inter-relate with each other, during pregnancy and labour, and how to nurture oneself in the postnatal period.’
Wendy Gadsden Midwife UK & NZ Birthlight Tutor

‘I really enjoyed the yoga classes with Samuel, it gave me a lot of confidence as a first time mum. Beside confidence it has also taught me a lot about how easy movements can effect babies brain, so I try to them every day and whenever Samuel is in the mood for fun!’
Illona & Samuel (5 months)

    "After the first
   treatment with
   Sara it was the
   first time I'd slept
   well for weeks … 
   All I can say is a
   big thank you."

Mrs T, Chinnor

‘Attending classes were always tricky with my rather spirited baby, but Sara made the baby massage sessions very personal and welcoming, adding to the enormous benefits the massage itself gave. Sara's wealth of knowledge was also always on tap. My only regret was that I didn't take Owen earlier’
Lizzy & Owen, (5 months)

‘We have really enjoyed the baby yoga classes - right from the start we were made to feel welcome and relaxed. My little boy gurgles with pleasure during the class always sleeps well afterwards.’
Claire & Rafe, (3 months)

‘My son Moshe and I attended from about 4 months to 10 months or so: we loved it from the beginning and it was great for me to be able to do just a little bit of Yoga too. I was really excited once he got to be 7 months or so and began to initiate some of the moves on his own. When we showed some of the songs and moves to a developmental paediatrician, she was so excited she thought she would adopt them too. Thank you Sara!’
Abigail & Moshe (4 months)

‘Great teacher, very friendly and helpful. My son loved the massage and it was taught in such a way that it was easy to remember how to do it at home in between classes.’
Rachel and Edward (4 months)

‘Having never done yoga before I was pleased not to feel intimidated by lots of super flexible moves - great to have a few SIMPLE things that make a difference. What a difference a stretch can make!’
Laura, 5 months pregnant


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